Mark Stanisław Duval

Mark Stanisław Duval is a UK citizen of Polish origin.
Born in 1944 in Shanghai, he received education in the UK where he graduated from the faculty of law. Since 1966 he worked as a lawyer and following 1997 he became a Senior Partner in a London-based law office. Currently he is a consultant and director of numerous international corporations. He is also active as a partner or investor in worldwide in many industries entrepreneurships such as real estate. He has two grown-up daughters i.e. Camilla and Alexandra.

Mark Duval is a founder of The Duval Foundation. The aid concept originated from the need to help those in need in Poland.

The Foundation’s guiding principle is to support and promote artists and sportspeople, organising fund-raising for the benefit of the poor and ill as well as the disabled, with special attention given to children and the elderly. We also raise funds and dedicate them for feeding children from the poorest families and co-finance charity events, concerts and exhibitions.