Home of Single Mother in Lodz


July , 2010|

Caritas in Brodnica

Amount of almost 6 000PLN was allocated for the purchase of soft drinks for children of flood victims families spending their summer holiday on a special youth camp in June 2010.

June , 2010|

Special Kindergarten „Orzeszek”

On request of “Orzeszek” Duval Foundation has provided subsidies of 4 000PLN towards rehabilitation-holiday stay in a special center in Wojnow.

June , 2010|

Friends of Children Society in Warsaw, Mokotow

Foundation donated food for 50 children from very poor families, large families and those who are in a difficult social situation. The "summer in the city" action will take place in July and August and it is organized by Friends of Children Society in Warsaw (district of Mokotow), 17 Konduktorska Str. [...]

June , 2010|

International Children’s Day in Hospital on Litewska Str.

On the occasion of Children's Day Duval Foundation has funded the gifts for all little patients being treated in the hospital at Litewska St. Amount allocated for the presents by the Foundation was 2 000 PLN.

June , 2010|

Home of Single Mother and Child In Warsaw


May , 2010|

Pulse Oximeter for children’s hospice

As a respond to the below request of the Children’s Hospice in Szczecin, Foundation has funded  the Pulse Oximeter.

May , 2010|

Home of Single Mother in Lodz

In May we helped again residents of Lonely Mother Home in Lodz, sending some cosmetics and juice makers.

May , 2010|

“Wspolnymi Silami” Society – Home of Lonely Mother and Child in Warsaw, Skierdowska Str. 2

The amount of  4 000 PLN was allocated for the purchase of furniture, toys and school supplies for children’s club SLONECZKO in Zelichow.

April , 2010|

Handover of furniture and kindergarten equipment to „Rowne szanse” in Kakowa Wola

“Educational Society for Youth and Children “Rowne Szanse”  is expressing deep gratitude to Duval Foundation for the cooperation in year 2009.

March , 2010|

Sławek Foundation

Donation from the Duval Foundation in the form of financial support for the implementation of of the statutory purposes has been transferred to Fundacja Slawek. This will help in returning to society of marginalized and socially excluded people.

February , 2010|

Home of Single Mother in Lodz

Christmas presents were given to mothers and their children staying in Home of Single Mother in Lodz. Many of the presents were cosmetics and dippers which Duval Foundation has received thanks generosity of Johnson & Johnson.

December , 2009|

Professional ping-pong table for children

Duval Foundation has funded a professional Ping-Pong table SPONETA S7-22i for the Orphanage in Sieborowice, near Krakow.

December , 2009|

Children’s Hospital in Warsaw (Marszalkowska/Litewska)

Our friendship with Children’s hospital at Litewska Street in Warsaw has brought up our another purchase of the medical equipment for the emergency ward. Seen on the picture: Founder of Duval Foundation Mark Duval (second from the left) and Linda Sztyller from Foundation with the Hospital Staff

November , 2009|

Gifts for a Nursery School in Zabki

Thanks generosity of the company Express Handel Bez Granic, who delivered a lot of colourful dish-sets to our Foundation, we gave them to the children in a non-public Nursery School in Zabki.

August , 2009|

“U Siemachy” Association

Duval Foundation transferred the amount of 10 000 PLN to donate children’s therapeutic holiday trip from Kielce  to Odporyszow.. Stowarzyszenie “U Siemachy” is providing a complex work with children and youth, as well as their parents. Association’s therapeutic institution in Kielce takes care of about 200 families in town.

August , 2009|

Children’s Clinical Hospital in Warsaw at Marszalkowska/Litewska St.

This hospital and it’s youngest patients need urgently our help. In July Duval Foundation bought a necessary medical equipment: 1.A syringe pump Alaris Asena GW 2.A volume pump Alaris Asena GW We also wanted to make the children’s dreams come true. The youngest patients of oncology and hematology wards received dvd’s, mp3, mp4, tous, books, [...]

July , 2009|

Kid’s day with Sławek Foundation

In cooperation with Fundacja Sławek,  aiming to support young and adult people leaving prisons and custody, also their families in difficult financial situation, Duval Foundation has provided special presents and organized an event for the prisoners’ children at Rakowiecka St in Warsaw. This was a very unique entertainment and show with actors and clowns. Apart [...]

June , 2009|

Assistance for the institution „Hope” in Żychlin.

Duval Foundation delivered food, sanitaries and other most necessary articles.

February , 2009|

A dog-therapist, laptop and much more – Assistance for the Hospice in Lodz

Once again Duval Foundation has decided to help the children home hospice “Gajusz” in the Lodz region. Apart from delivering gifts such as sanitaries, napkins, clothes and medical equipment, we have managed to make children’s dreams come true. Martynka’s dream was to have a labrador-dog. A puppy called Tosca is her best friend now and [...]

February , 2009|

LCD-screens for the orphanage in Gostynin

Thanks to the Duval Foundation the orphanage in Gostynin has been equipped with three new, big LCD TV-sets.

February , 2009|

In memorial of Feliks Topolski

Duval Foundation is supporting financially the „Topolski Memoir” located in Great Britain.

January , 2009|

Actors starring television series “Na Wspólnej” were acting as Santas

Many presents such as: clothes, cosmetics, toys and sweets were distributed by actors from very popular television series “Na Wspólnej”. The Santa event for orphanage “Sloneczny Dom” in Radom was organized by Foundation Duval and a great help of Instal-Luk company from Warsaw. Our great thanks to actors of serial “Na Wspolnej” for their participation [...]

December , 2008|

Donation to Sikorski’s Museum in London

Duval Foundation is financially supporting the Polish Institute and Gen. W. Sikorski’s Museum. Polish Institute is a financially independent institution. The Institute is existing only thanks to membership fees and other donations.

December , 2008|

Donation for PCPR in Grojec on Santa Day

Duval Foundation has given presents on Santa Clause Day to the County Centre Welfare in Grojec. Packages were given to the poorest families from Grojec and its neighborhood.

December , 2008|

“Back to School” event/Caritas

Duval Foundation has endowed stationery and necessary school supplies for Centrum Caritas in Brodnica.

September , 2008|

Smile of your child

Foundation Duval has endowed the family rehabilitation for Mrs. Edyta Panszczyn and her daughter Julia Panszczyn at the Rehabilitation Center “Smile of Your Child” in Gądki. Julia could take part in activities amongst others as dogtherapy, physiotherapy.

August , 2008|

“Wspólnymi Siłami” Society

Foundation Duval had the pleasure to support a summer holiday camp for a group of children from the poorest families and from Single Mother Welfare Home.

August , 2008|

Nappies Initiate

Duval Foundation has organized a “nappies” campaign, the object of this action was to supply nappies and sun protection creams for one of a number of the small child Orphanage (up to 3 years), House of Baudouin Priest in Warsaw for their summer holiday at the sea side.

August , 2008|

„Przyjaciel” Society

Duval Foundation has this time involved in the organization of the inaugurated concert and sponsored prizes for the charity lottery and has purchased outfits for the performing children of the “Przyjaciel” Society, Handicapped Children and Youth Care. As a result of the help of the Foundation Duval it was possible to purchase stage uniforms for [...]

June , 2008|

Medical equipment for new born babies

For the second time Duval Foundation has endowed medical equipment for the new born ward in Nowy Tomyśl public hospital. We bought the “warm nest” this time.

June , 2008|

Fitting of the computer class

Foundation handed over computer desks for the computer class at the Handicapped School at Rehabilitation Centre in Konstancin.

January , 2008|

Christmas Eve in Dębinki

Representative of Duval Foundation and a special guest-Marcin Smoliński (Legia Warszawa football player) have visited the orphanage in Dębinki, everyone received Christmas presents.

December , 2007|

Santa Claus

Duval Foundation has endowed Christmas presents for children and their mothers of the Single Mother Welfare Home in Warsaw.

December , 2007|

Topolski in the National Museum in Warsaw

With the participation of the Duval Foundation donation the National Museum in Warsaw has been able to organize the exhibition of the distinguished Polish painter – Feliks Topolski. An exhibition of the Artists paintings took place between 13th to 30th September.

September , 2007|

Children’s Day

Foundation Duval was celebrating 1st of June with children from the pathologic families. The Foundation has endowed presents of sweets and installed a swing in one of the children’s club “Alladyn” in Praga Warsaw.

June , 2007|

New born ward

Duval Foundation has immediately responded to the request for medical equipment for the new born ward in Nowy Tomyśl public hospital. Foundation has bought and delivered the Monitor with Pulse Oximeter and Artefact Suppression for the intensive care unit.

May , 2007|

New born ward in Goleniów

Duval Foundation has organized Christmas presents for the new born ward in Goleniów public hospital and purchased infusion pump, suction controller and a new born scale. The Foundations help was welcomed by the hospital staff.

December , 2006|

Car for the Association” Introduce the world”

Duval Foundation has supported purchase of the car to transport handicapped at the Association in Ustrzyki Dolne (Volkswagen Transporter) by providing 5 000 PLN as part of the cost of the vehicle.

December , 2006|

Orphanage in Chotomów

Foundation has bought Christmas presents and necessary kitchen appliances for the orphanage in Chotomów.

December , 2006|