TV-set for Association „jestesmy dla Was” In Kutno

Duval Foundation bought a TV-set for the Orphanage in Kutno.

February , 2013|

Support to Single Mother House in Chyliczki

Duval Foundation has supported the Single Mother Home in Chyliczki. We delivered infant’s and children’s clothes, diapers, baby washing powder and baby toiletries. Donation was handed over in person by Malena Kowalska from Duval Foundation.

February , 2013|

Aladyn’s Medal was awarded to Duval Foundation.

During the Grand Opening of the Rehabilitation Center of befriended “Foundation of Fulfilled Dreams”, Linda Sztyller of Duval Foundation was awarded of Aladyn’s Medal for our engagement, support and for a few years successful cooperation.

February , 2013|

Charity Concert in the Embassy of Finland.

Duval Foundation was honored to participate in the collection of donation during the charity concert organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Finland in Warsaw. Funds collected during the charity lottery were given as donation to Children’s Hospital in Litewska Street in Warsaw

February , 2013|

Secret Santa in the Orphanage in Nienadowa

Santa Claus presents were prepared by Duval Foundation according to personal needs and dreams of every child – clothes, toys, small electronic equipment and games. In February we sent the additional package with toiletries, which were donated again by  the wonderful people from Johnson& Johnson company. [...]

December , 2012|

Purchase of equipment for Children’s Hospital in Kopernika Street in Warsaw.

Duval Foundation has allocated several thousand zlotys for the purchase of small medical equipment and small medical fit out for the two consulting rooms at the Children’s Hospital at Kopernika Street in Warsaw.

December , 2012|

Letters to SantaClause from every ward of the Special School and Care Centre in Zyrardow

Duval Foundation received 180 very personal letters with very individual Christmas present wish.  After over a month of a hard work every request has been completed and every present was wrapped and assigned to each child. All the children were very happy and received the presents of their dreams. Transportation of 180 packages to [...]

December , 2012|

Secret Santa in Children’s Hospital on Litewska in Warsaw

As usual we have visited branch of oncology of the Children’s Hospital in Litewska Street. Linda Sztyller of Duval Foundation and Tomasz Osuch of Foundation of Fulfilled Dreams have given every child a special present.

December , 2012|

Orphanage „Tecza” in Kutno

Duval Foundation financed the purchase of new beds for the Orphanage in Kutno.

November , 2012|

Purchase of small medical equipment for the Public Children’s Clinic „GRAPA” in Konstancin-Jeziorna

At the request of State Children’s Clinic GRAPAin Konstancin-Jeziorna, Duval Foundation earmarked the amount of ca. 2 000 PLN for the purchase of 3 children’s inhalator and 3 otoscopes for pediatricians. The purchased equipment was personally handed to the head of pediatricians by Malena Kowalska from Duval Foundation.

November , 2012|

School leyette for Orphanage „Tecza” in Kutno

Duval Foundation has purchased a  complete school layette (school backpacks, school supplies) for the Orphanage in Kutno.

September , 2012|

Home for the “Recovered for Life” „Monar”-Markot

The purchase of school books for residents of the Home

August , 2012|

10 000 PLN for the “Holiday trip with Dreams”

With the amount of 10 000 PLN Duval Foundation has sponsored  a trip “Holiday with Dreams” organized for children with cancer.

July , 2012|

International Children’s Day in Hospital at Litewska Street in Warsaw

Duval Foundation in cooperation with "Fulfilled Dreams Foundation" and a TV star/presenter– Szymon Majewski, organized gifts on International Children's Day for children staying at the cancer ward and hematology ward in Children’s Hospital in Litewska Street in Warsaw.

June , 2012|

Special care boarding school and education center in Kutno

Duval Foundation funded beds for handicapped children living in the special care boarding school and education center in Kutno.

June , 2012|

Duval Foundation – sponsor of awards in Caricature Museum in Warsaw

Due to EURO 2012 being held in Warsaw this year, Caricature Museum organized an international exhibition “Ball in game”. Duval Foundation has donated 10 000 PLN for the awards for laureates. The presentation of the awards has taken place during the grand opening of the exhibition. More information about the exhibition at the Muzeum Karykatury website. [...]

May , 2012|

Special Boarding School and Education Center in Zyrardow – purchase of new internal door in the bulding

Duval Foundation spent about 10 000 PLN for the purchase and exchanging of the new internal doors in the building of Special Boarding School and Education Center in Zyrardow.

May , 2012|

„Recovered to live” Home – purchase of winter cloths and boots.


April , 2012|

„Recovered to live” Home – Monar Markot

Duval Foundation purchased winter cloths and boots for everyone living in the “Recovered for Life” Home in Dąbrówna.

February , 2012|

Secret Santa presents for children in Orphanage in Otwock

Linda Sztyller from Duval Foundation and Ms. Marzena Adamczyk Ksiazek – Director of the Orphanage in Otwock.

January , 2012|

Single Mother’s Home in Lodz

Duval Foundation has again donated the Single Mother’s Home in Lodz. As usual every child and mummy received presents as well as cosmetics for everyone received thanks generosity of from Johnson & Johnson company.

January , 2012|

Christmassy gifts for children from hospital at Litewska St in Warsaw

Linda Sztyller and Ewa Makaruk, the Duval Foundation bookkeeper visited the oncology ward of the hospital to bring little patients some joy in this difficult time of their lives. Christmas gifts for everyone were distributed.

January , 2012|

Orphanage in Zawiercie

Christmas presents for children in Orphanage in Zawiercie.

December , 2011|

Purchase of medicines and food for the residents of the hostel “No one is alone”

The amount of 2000 PLN was spent on the purchase of medicines for residents of the shelter "No one is alone" in Blonie. Then the Duval Foundation purchased the food for Christmas for all the residents.

December , 2011|

Presents for the Orphanage in Kisielany


December , 2011|

Hospital in Gostynin

At the request of the Healthcare in Gostynin Duval Foundation has purchased for the rehabilitation branch and children diseases ward in the hospital in Gostynin: couch to examine children, wheelchair and ambulatory devices.

November , 2011|

Helenow Centre in Miedzylesie, Warsaw

The Centre is engaged in the support of the disabled children located in the Centre of Rehabilitation and Education in the Society of Friends of Children. There are over 100 disabled children with neurological dysfunctions located in the Centre. Duval Foundation has purchased very special presents for the children such as educational aids, sewing [...]

September , 2011|

Gifts for the Association “Kids” in Swiebodzice

The Association provides comprehensive help to handicapped children. At the request of "Kids" Duval Foundation delivered high quality educational toys and a special bed for massage and rehabilitation.

September , 2011|

Holidays with dreams

Duval Foundation supported the joint action with Fullfield Dreams Foundation with the amount of 10 000 PLN. Więcej informacji oraz zdjęć na stronie Fundacji Spełnionych Marzeń.

August , 2011|

Purchase of rehabilitation beds for the hospital in Grojec

Duval Foundation has bought and delivered 6 rehabilitation beds with outfitting for the needs of neurological ward in the County Medical Centre in Grojec.

July , 2011|

Children’s Day in the hospital in Litewska St in Warsaw

Traditionally Duval Foundation has decided to buy gifts for small patients at Litewska hospital on the occasion of Children's Day. Each hospital patient has received a nice gift from us. We would like to express our special thanks to Mrs Malgorzata Rogalska and her husband who [...]

June , 2011|

Online newspaper of the dreams

Duval Foundation in cooperation with the Foundation supporting Warsaw Region has organized a competition for the best online newspaper. Pupils and sociotherapy students took part in the competition. Our Foundation has sponsored the prizes for all the participating young people: tens of tablets. The award ceremony was held at the headquarters of the Spokesman [...]

April , 2011|

Social Welfare home „Słoneczny”

On request of Social Welfare Home „Słoneczny” in Warsaw,  Duval Foundation has founded disinfestation of the premises. Thanks courtesy and generosity of Johnson & Johnson we have also delivered to the Home cosmetics and hygienic articles as well as some clothes and several juice makers.

February , 2011|

Christmas in Hospital at Litewska Street

Duval Foundation has handed Christmas presents for all little patients in children’s hospital at Litewska Street in Warsaw. Linda Sztyller-President of the Duval Foundation at Christmas shopping for all patients of

December , 2010|

Orphanage in Kielce

At the request of Small Children's Home  in Kielce, Foundation has given hygienic articles for children, again, thanks to courtesy and generosity of Johnson & Johnson company Foundation has also purchased winter clothes, jackets and oberwała for children.

December , 2010|

Christmas at Orphanage in Winiary

Foundation has purchased and delivered plates, juice makers, pots, sleeping bags and sports equipment, cosmetics and many more Christmas presents to the Orphanage in Winiary. All cosmetics were spinsored by Johnson & Johnson.

December , 2010|

Santa Claus presents for Orphanage in Trzemiętowo

One of the Christmas Actions of the Duval Foundation was buying gifts such as:  multimedia players for each child in the Orphanage in Trzemietow as well as many other presents such as clothes and toys. [...]

December , 2010|

International competition “Chopin’s Smile”

Duval Foundation had the pleasure of working with the Eryk Lipinski's Museum of Caricature in Warsaw!with the organization of an international competition for the satirical-humorous drawing "Chopin's Smile". The awarded works The awarded works Bozenna Sztyller of Duval Foundation during the award ceremony [...]

November , 2010|

Association of “Ponary Family”

Duval Foundation supported financially the Association of "Ponary Family" of passing the gift in the amount of 5000 PLN.

October , 2010|

School supplies for children of Society “Wspolnymi Silami” – Home of Lonely Mother and Child in Warsaw, Skierdowska Str. 2

Purchase and delivery Of school supplies for the Home of Single Mother and Child in Bialoleka in Warsaw.

August , 2010|