The playground and bikes for the Orphanage in Łbiska

We usually give small support and little gifts, but this time we wanted to do much more. We called the Orphanage in Łbiska and asked about their needs and dreams …and it appeared that kids dreamt about a playground, bikes and bike stands and shelters. We were extremely happy to hear about it and make [...]

June , 2018|

Fridge for Orphanage in Łbiska

Again Seco Tools had given us a second-hand fridge, which we delivered directly to the Orphanage in Łbiska (Pęchery).

March , 2018|

Cabinets for the Primary School No. 2 in Konstancin

We had the pleasure to give two large and spacious cabinets for the Stefan Żeromski Primary School No. 2 in Konstancin. We had received them from Seco Tools.

March , 2018|

The Christmas Eve festive dinner and presents for the Orphanage in Izdebno

Linda, Sonia, Hania, Malena and Milan took presents and attended the Christmas Eve Festive Dinner at the Orphanage in Izdebno. After the traditional meal and the sharing of wafer, the kids gave a lovely Christmas performance followed by distribution of presents. There was no end to the joy, the kids received the dream presents. [...]

December , 2017|

Office furniture and pictures for the Orphanage in Izdebno

The Duval Foundation bought and gave the pictures for the Orphanage in Izdebno. The pictures decorated and enlivened the dining room. We have also given office furniture, which our Foundation received from Seco Tools. Photographs and thanks are here….:

December , 2017|

Support for the kids of the Environmental Educational Centre in Grójec

December is a busy time for us. This year, in addition to the Orphanage, we decided to support the kids of the Environmental Educational Centre in Grójec. We prepared presents (toys, clothing, sweets and some other surprises) with the name on them.

December , 2017|

School supplies for the “Children of Powiśle” Foundation

Shopping is a great pleasure both for us and our kids. Milan was choosing the necessary school supplies for his peers with great engagement. Besides backpacks, pencil cases and exercise books with favourite characters, there was everything else that kids and youth needed for school. With Milan’s help, we succeeded in providing 30 kids of [...]

August , 2017|

39th Warsaw Marathon – funds for statutory activities

We could not directly participate in the 39th Warsaw Marathon, so we decided to support the event financially. The Duval Foundation provided funding for the statutory activities of the 39th Warsaw Semi-Marathon “I run well”. The Warsaw Marathon together with the Rak’n’Roll Foundation helps the Foundation’s patients go through cancer.

August , 2017|

The Children’s Day at the Children’s Hospital

June , 2017|

Children’s Day in Hulakula

To celebrate the Children’s Day, the Duval Foundation gave the kids and youth from foster families a treat, which was a day at Hulakula organised by the Open Door Association. The kids came from the Płoński, Miński and Wołomiński counties. There was a lot of fun: training in the bowling centre for 30 people, the [...]

June , 2017|

Trip to the sea

The Duval Foundation helped organise educational and tourist excursions to the seaside (to Rowy) for kids with intellectual disabilities placed under the care of the Maria Konopnicka Specialist Education and Rearing Centre No. 1 in Kutno. 30 children with light and moderate deficiencies, who reside at the Centre’s boarding school, joined the excursion. The Foundation [...]

May , 2017|

Financial support for the charity event – “We wake up Agatha!”

The Duval Foundation supported charity fundraising for the treatment and rehabilitation and efforts to wake up Agatha. To visit the site, please click here

March , 2017|

Visit to Paluch

After some years, we decided to revisit the Paluch animal shelter. We brought animal food for dogs and cats, which replenished the shelter’s store. We also bought toys, balls etc. Linda Sztyller and her daughters also joined the ‘trip’

March , 2017|

Presents for Roxanka Szymkun

Roxanka is one of the kids cared for by the “To Rescue Children with Cancer” Foundation. Moved by the call of the aunt of 5-year old Roxanka, who is treated for neuroblastoma (stage 4 cancer) at the clinic in Wrocław, we bought several small gifts for her which were related to the “Frozen” from Disney movie. We [...]

January , 2017|

Cash support for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

The Duval Foundation gave PLN 1,000 for the statutory activities of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

January , 2017|

Office furniture from Seco Tools Poland Sp. z .o.o

The Duval Foundation received office furniture donated by Seco Tools Poland Sp. z .o.o The furniture was given to the Warsaw Rising Lower Secondary School No. 45 in Warsaw. May they enjoy them as long as possible!

January , 2017|

Charity event at the Orphanage in Nowa Sarzyna

Christmas is a very busy period for the Duval Foundation, this year we received a list of Christmas wishes from the kids residing in the Orphanage of Nowa Sarzyna. Most youth dreamt of having fashion or sports clothing, winter anoraks, hats, scarves and gloves, but also: swimming accessories, watches, hair and body cosmetics, perfumes, a [...]

December , 2016|

Christmas time at the Children’s Hospital of the Medical University of Warsaw

As in the previous years, the Duval Foundation funded Christmas presents for kids hospitalised at the Oncology and Haematology Department of the Children’s Hospital of the Medical University of Warsaw. As before, the event was held jointly with the Fulfilled Dreams Foundation, and the Szymon Majewski was the Santa Claus. :) [...]

December , 2016|

Letters to Santa Claus – the Home for Single Mothers in Łódź

This year, the Duval Foundation received lovely letters addressed to Santa Claus, and since we believe that He brings the dream presents, we decided to make the kids’ dreams come true. A lot of hard work, but the kids’ smile and happiness are priceless. For single mothers, Santa Clause brought some cosmetics. [...]

December , 2016|

New kitchen for the Orphanage in Ostrołęka

The Duval Foundation funded the renovation of the kitchen and bought kitchen units, cabinet and table with chairs for the kids in the Orphanage in Ostrołęka.

December , 2016|

Winter Footwear for “Otwarte drzwi” (Open Doors) Association

The “Otwarte drzwi” Foundation asked us for help to buy winter footwear for kids and youth in foster care in the vicinity of Warsaw. Duval Foundation bought 16 pairs of boots.

December , 2016|

Bath towels for Zabłudowo

We have found out that the Janusz Korczak Children’s Orphanage in Krasne is in need of bath towels for their kids. Duval Foundation bought 52 colourful towels which were sent to Zabłudowo.

October , 2016|

Table Tennis Bats and Draughts for Szczutowo

One of carers from the Children’s Orphanage in Szczutowo placed information about the need to get table tennis bats and draughts for kids participating in sports competitions at their website, at Duval Foundation resolved to support the centre and young sportspeople. We bought the necessary items and we are looking forward to see the [...]

October , 2016|

Onco-Olympics 2016

Over one of August weekends, the sports facilities of Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw hosted the 6th International Sports Games “ONCO-OLYMPICS 2016” for children suffering from cancer. The games were organised by the “Fulfilled Dreams Foundation” in co-operation with their partners and sponsors, and for the third time with the Duval Foundation. [...]

August , 2016|

Single Mother’s Centre – Skierdowska 2

We are very sensitive to the extremely poor living conditions of mothers and children staying in the Single Mother’s Centre in Warsaw in 2, Skierdowska Street. We buy food not only for the festive seasons but whenever we have time – we buy things and drive to Skierdowska where they throw the door wide open [...]

June , 2016|

Children’s Orphanage in Szczutowo

In June 2016, we again supported the Children Orphanage in Szczutowo, this time we bought footwear and school basics for kids. The Children’s Orphanage in Szczutowo announced us as their sponsor.

June , 2016|

Playground in Grójec

To help the kids living in foster care or substitute care forget the hard times in the County of Grójec, and to heed to the request of the County Assistance Centre in Grójec, Duval Foundation had again given a helping hand and founded a kids’ playground. [...]

April , 2016|

Coach from Kutno to the Tricity

Duval Foundation founded a coach for a week-long trip for 30 Kids from the Special Educational Orphanage in Kutno. The youth went from Kutno to the Tricity where they again had another coach which took them to see the landscapes and Pomerania.

April , 2016|

”Small Shoe for the Black Brother”

Duval Foundation, via Private Primary School No. 41 in Warsaw, joined the "Small Shoe for the Black Brother" campaign to help kids in mission countries of Africa. We purchased shoes for kids under the patronage of the mission section from Tarnów.

April , 2016|

Children’s Orphanage w Wielgie

Duval Foundation often raises funds for supporting the needy. This time we reached Educational Orphanage in Wielgie. We bought and sent presents with the daily cosmetics for body care for all Kids.

April , 2016|

Furniture for the County Children’s Orphanage in Szczutowo

To heed to the request of the authorities of the County Children’s Orphanage in Szczutowo, whom Duval Foundation had already helped several times, we bought furniture, which is now standing in the kids’ rooms. These were beds and study desks and chairs for all kids. We hope to have helped create good conditions and atmosphere [...]

March , 2016|

A TV set for Dołubowo

In March 2016, Duval Foundation received a second hand TV set yet still in good working order from a friendly company. The TV was given to the participants of the Occupational Therapy Workshop in Dołubowo.

March , 2016|

Christmas and Easter in Kotowo

This has almost become our tradition that Duval Foundation founds a large portion of Christmas and Easter food for the Kids cared for by the “Pomagamy będącym w potrzebie” (We help the Needy) Association in Kotowo. The homeless from Kotow live extremely modest lives. There is PLN 50 per inhabitant per month. Most adults are [...]

December , 2015|


Duval Foundation has already donated cash to AMPFUTBOL team to help organise an international competition for amputees, AMP FUTBOL, and we were also one of the sponsors of the Polish team in the World Cup in Mexico! In the picture: Linda Sztyller from Duval Foundation, her daughter Sonia and AMPFUTBOL contestants during the international competition [...]

September , 2015|

„We help the needy”

The homeless of Kotów live on the poverty line. There is PLN 50 per inhabitant. Most adults are unemployed. The worst time is winter, as in summer they can earn their day-in day-out wage in the forest. Their boss, Adam Drewniak, goes to no end of trouble to help them weather the worst period, therefore [...]

August , 2015|

Cosmetics for Góra Włodowska

Duval Foundation again purchased and sent the most needed cosmetics for the Kids of the Child and Family Assistance Centre in Góra Włodowska.

August , 2015|

Interior Decoration of the Mother Veronique Centre in Lublin

This time Duval Foundation became involved in interior decoration of the Mother Veronique Centre in Lublin. We have paid for the design by Daria Pelchen and Andrzej Banaszewski, who designed the colourful and spacious drawing room to brighten up and improve the living conditions of the Kids. Before transformation: [...]

June , 2015|

Medals & Awards – Varsovia

Duval Foundation donated medals, cups and material awards for contestants participating in the Third Spring Disabled Run organised by Special Education School Complex No. 105 and the Interschool Sports Centre No. 3 Varsovia in Warsaw.

May , 2015|

Góra Włodowska – Clinique Cosmetics and Amer Sport Footwear

Duval Foundation received make-up cosmetics from Clinique and sports footwear from Amer Sport Group. The gifts were distributed to several care centres and orphanages across Poland, among others to the Child and Family Assistance Centre in Góra Włodowska.

March , 2015|

The Sławek Foundation – Book for Kids

Duval Foundation donated PLN 5,000 to the Sławek Foundation to help publish a book for kids whose parents are in prison - “What is Behind the Wall?" by Karolina Lijklema. For more information about the book please see the Sławek Foundation.

February , 2015|