We thank very much Mr Adolfo De Coene for the project of Foundation logo.

Great thanks to Wojciech Krosnowski for creating of the first Foundation website.

Many thanks to Lubomir Plutecki for designing of the Foundation leaflet.

Our warmest thanks to all our Benefactors who decided to support the Duval Foundation. Without you it would have been impossible to achieve our goals!

Many thanks to Marcin CzerwińskiInsane – for donating his geographic works from his exhibition to our Foundation.

Many thanks to Katarzyna Krosnowska for donating a lot of precious gifts to our Foundation!

We express our gratitude to all who have supported the Foundation through participating in on-line auctions.

Our warm thanks also to the Barbiebar club and all involved in fundraising on 26th January 2005.

Very many thanks to our friends of the Krakow-based Stalowe Magnolie club. We are most grateful for your helpful hand in the charity event.

We would also like to thank the Krakow- based Open Travel Group for sponsoring the top prize in the lottery, which took place during the night at Stalowe Magnolie club.

We thank so much Conrado Moreno for his involvement in the Spanish Night at the Children’s Home No. 1 in Warsaw, for providing the kids with so much joy and great fun!

We thank wholeheartedly Katarzyna Żurawska and Marcin Niewiadomski for the magnificent dance show during the Spanish Night.

We send our best regards to Ms Katarzyna Romanowska and her restaurant, Villa Nuova, for the preparation of the feast at the Maryna Falska w Children’s Home.

Our greatest thanks to Biuro Turystyki Panstwa Hiszpanskiego for granting the presents for the Children’s Home.

Thanks for the company “ANTEX wholesale bedding articles” for help in completing and shipping the packages with towels.

Funds are raised by voluntarily payments made by kind-hearted people, both individuals and corporate entities. We are deeply indebted to you all for your support.

If you wish to contribute, please contact us or simply credit our Foundation’s bank account.