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Santa Claus at Alladyn Children Club

Just before Christmas Eve Foundation Duval has visited the Alladyn Children Club. Children we very happy to receive clothes and toys they dreamed of.

December , 2006|

Centre for Foreigners

After reading an article in a magazine about children living presently in a Centre for Foreigners in Warsaw Foundation has bought individual presents, clothes, toys, sports equipment and a lot of sweets for many children at the Centre for Foreigners in Warsaw. All presents were delivered by the Foundation to the Centre. [...]

May , 2006|


Foundation Duval has decided to assist one of the Special Care School in Żnin Foundation has endowed a rehabilitation trip of 26 children of the school in a pension in Zakopane.

April , 2006|


In response to an appeal of a Scholl in Kopice Foundation Duval has purchased and delivered sports equipment. Children received basket balls, footballs, valley balls and other requested by the school.

February , 2006|

On-line auction

Pursuing the “artistic” topic and thanks to the courtesy of our dear friend, Marcin Czerwiński, we put up his graphic works for on-line auction, which could be seen on the website Thanks to the auctions, the Foundation’s account was credited with PLN 900 just over a week!

December , 2005|


On 26th November 2005 during the exhibition of graphic arts by Marcin Czerwiński titled Insane, held in a Warsaw-based club, Barbiebar, we organised a fund-raising event. During the event lottery tickets were sold to raise funds for the Duval Foundation. Each lottery ticket participated in the prize draw i.e. the graphics arts. Thanks to the [...]

December , 2005|

St. Nicholas found its way to hospital

In response to the request our Foundation received some months ago, we decided to support the hospital in the poor Bieszczady Mountain Region in Sanok. The hospital delivers ca. 750 babies every year and performs ca. 150 caesarean operations. Our gift is a piece of medical equipment i.e. Cardiotocograph, which renders a safe delivery possible. [...]

December , 2005|

Visit in Łódz

We set out for Lodz to meet our Children in the Home Hospice. We took the medical equipment with us that the hospice was much in need of i.e. oxygen concentrator and electric aspirator. In the nearest future the equipment will be used by the 11-year old Agatka. We also popped in to see Partyk [...]

August , 2005|


With the participation of our friends from  Stalowe Magnolie Club in Cracow who helped us to organize a charity event, Duval Foundation has given a financial support of 5 000 PLN to the Orphanage No. 2 in Cracow for a renovation of its burned building.

July , 2005|

They wrote about us

Evening with Conrado Moreno. Children from the Warsaw Orphanage No 1 will not forget the evening of 13th April 2005. Duval Foundation has organized for them The Spanish Evening, full of surprises, dancing, treats and joy. Spanish evening is the first in a series of educational and cultural meetings which Duval Foundation will organize in [...]

April , 2005|

Orphanage in Giżyce

On the 19th of April 2005 the Foundation have visited the Orphanage in Gizyce. The children received lots of sweets and presents. Foundation has also signed Donation Agreement for 10 000 PLN for the refurbishment of the bathrooms in the orphanage.

April , 2005|

“Spanish evening”

Duval Foundation has organized an educational-cultural meeting in Children's Home in Warsaw. It was supposed to provide attractions and joy, also bringing knowledge about the European Union, culture and history of the various countries. Flowers, oranges, Spanish music and dishes, charismatic dancers, competitions with prizes, professional dancers teaching children cha-cha and samba and [...]

April , 2005|

Christmas 2004

In December 2004 we organised fund-raising for two Warsaw-based Children’s Homes. We started with Maryna Falska Children’s Home (Dom Dziecka) No.1, by donating PLN 5,000. Thanks to our donation, the residing children have new winter wear! We were also invited to a magnificent Christmas Eve, in which we were delighted to participate! Have a look at the pictures [...]

January , 2005|