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Winter holidays in Bieszczady Mountains

Duval Foundation contributed to the winter holiday of youth. Seven young tourists and their carer received return tickets, accommodation in youth shelters and board. We also bought climbing sticks. The successful adventure in the Bieszczady mountains was organised by the Warsaw Social Workers.

January , 2015|

PlaChild Orphanages in Tarnów

The volunteers of Duval Foundation, Linda Sztyller and Malena Kowalska, resolved to devote more time to the Foundation this year, therefore they chose four Child Orphanages in Tarnów for donating Christmas gifts. These were “Przyjazny Dom”, “Słoneczny Dom”, “Pogotowie Opiekuńcze” and J. Korczak Centre, totalling 90 kids and youth. In one of the Centres, youth [...]

December , 2014|

Central Heating for the Single Mothers’ Home in Lucimia

Just before bitter cold winter, we decided to buy a necessary central heating furnace for the Single Mother’s Home in Lucimia.

November , 2014|

Day-Care Room in Przeworsk

We love to support artistically gifted kids. This time, we have purchased drawing sets for kids attending a day-care room of the school complex in Studziana.

October , 2014|

Lower-Secondary School in Trzebieszów

This is not the first time Duval Foundation supported gifted kids which joyfully attend the Drawing Classes in the Public Lower-Secondary School in Trzebieszów. With our helping hand, the kids now have a collection of drawing sets to work and develop their talents.

September , 2014|

Washing Machine for Frombork

The County Children’s Orphanage in Frombork needed a new washing machine, bedding sets and towels for Kids. Duval Foundation helped meet this need and donated a new washing machine and colourful bedding and towel sets matching the Kids’ age and interests. [...]

September , 2014|

AMP Futbol Cup 2014

Duval Foundation provided organisational and financial support for the 3rd football competition for amputees, AMP Futbol Cup.

September , 2014|

Child and Family Assistance Centre in Góra Włodowska

As promised, Duval Foundation met the needs of almost 40 Kids of the Child and Family Assistance Centre in Góra Włodowska, buying full school kits (backpacks, pencil cases, exercise books and other school items).

August , 2014|

Visit to Home of Single Mothers in Skierdowska Street 2

Moved by the request from the Home of Single Mothers in Skierdowska Street in Warsaw, the Foundation again bought food for mothers and their kids.

July , 2014|

Children and Family Assistance Centre in Góra Włodowska

Duval Foundation purchased and sent the most needed cosmetics, clothing and summer footwear for Kids staying in the Children and Family Assistance Centre in Góra Włodowska. Here is the appreciation letter from the Centre’s Director. Dear Madam, thank you so much for the gifts offered by Foundation. We are surprised by the quantities of cosmetics, [...]

July , 2014|

Circle of fine arts in Primary School name Priest Leszczynski in Miklusy

Purchasing articles for art classes for the pupils from poor families at the school in Miklusy. According to the demand of the school our Foundation bought paint, crayons, glue pens, paper, pencils and many articles needed for the art classes.

May , 2014|

Mother and Child House Name John Paul II In Jasieniec Ilzecki

The Founder of the Duval Foundation Mr Mark Duval this time personally donated more than 40 bikes for pupils of the Orphanage in Jasieniec Ilzecki. Also a bicycle rickshaw for a disabled girl was handed there. Every child was given previously selected bike and helmet, exclusively for themselves! Children couldn't wait for our arrival. [...]

May , 2014|

Association “Joint Forces”/ House for Single Mothers with Children

Duval Foundation bought meats and other groceries to organize Easter in the House.

April , 2014|

Orphanage name of Mother Veronika in Siennica

According to the children's wish our Foundation bought a dream classic guitar Admira, along with carrying case, strings etc. Additionally Duval Foundation bought clothes and nappies for small children and shoes for each pupil of Children's Home.

March , 2014|

Special Educational Centre in Piaseczno

For the Centre in Piaseczno Duval Foundation funded great music and art workshops, taught by Daria Pelhen and Andrzej Banaszewski. The children loved all the developing amusements! In addition each of the participants received a gift donated by the Foundation.

March , 2014|

Children Care and Educational Centre in Tomislawice

The Centre in Tomislawice asked our Foundation for help in the purchase of needed new sets of bath towels and blankets.

March , 2014|

Small Child Orphanage in Wałbrzych

Duval Foundation contacted the Small Child Orphanage in Wałbrzych. The most needed items were juice and desserts for Small Children, we purchased and sent a fair supply of items.

February , 2014|

St Nicholas’ Day in “Szansa” in Opole

Duval Foundation notified their intention to organise ST Nicholas Day for kids from the Social Re-adaptation Centre “Szansa” in Opole. The Kids received gifts and toys appropriate for their age and the dream presents such as crying dolls, Monster High dolls, prams, while elder kids received educational board games and the eldest ones – books. [...]

December , 2013|

Assistance to the Disabled – Foundation “Not only…” In Warsaw

Duval Foundation has prepared packages of gifts for Christmas for all pupils of the Foundation "Not only..." According to their wish there were packages with winter hats, scarves and sweets.

December , 2013|

County Children’s Home in Sztutowo

On the occasion of Christmas Duval Foundation has funded most needed articles and sweets for pupils of the County Children's Home in Sztutowo.

December , 2013|

Special Educational Centre in Piaseczno

On the occasion of Christmas time Malena Kowalska of Duval Foundation visited the Special Educational Centre in Piaseczno. Each of the pupils received a parcel with the ordered gift from Santa Claus. Among others  Legobsets, Monster High and Barbie dolls, puzzles, rubber rehabilitation balls, MP4 devices, headphones, cosmetics and a lot of sweets. [...]

December , 2013|

„Przyjaciel” Society in Oborniki

Duval Fundation has purchased the centrifuge for massage.

October , 2013|

Purchase of autumn shoes and cosmetics for children in the Orphanage in Jasieniec

Almost 10 000 PLN was spent on the  purchase of autumn shoes and large quantity of necessary cosmetics for all children at the Orphanage in Jasieniec.

September , 2013|

Marwald – House of „Recovered for life”

For the second time Duval Foundation has funded school books for orphanage wards, for several thousand zlotys, in Marwald’s "House of recovered for life” .

September , 2013|

Rozwarzyn – Purchase of school backpacks and school layettes for Family Orphanage

To the same Family Orphanage in Rozwarzyn Duval Foundation funded a baby cot for 1 year old boy.

August , 2013|

School layette and many other presents for children in Orphanage in Czerwionka-Leszczyny

Linda Sztyller and Malena Kowalska shopping for "school layette”.

August , 2013|

Caritas in Brodnica

Donating the food for the children's colonies for wards of Brodnica’s Caritas.

July , 2013|

Single Mother’s House in Lucimia

Duval Foundation bought the most needed articles for Single Mother’s House in Lucimia – toys, food (baby milk, cereals, tea, coffee and some sweets), diapers, cleaning products and toiletries.

July , 2013|

Children’s Day in small child Orphanage (up to 4 years old) in Warsaw

Foundation staff brought many toys for every child in the Orphange No 16 in Warsaw. 6 years old Sonia with a great joy (Foundation President’s daughter) was involved in shopping and handing out gifts. In the picture Sonia and Malena Kowalska - Duval Foundation. [...]

June , 2013|

Children’s Day in Children’s Hospitals in Warsaw

On Children’s Day, Duval Foundation, in co-operation with Fundacja Spełnionych Marzeń (Dreams Come True Foundation) offered gifts for children staying in Warsaw hospitals in Kasprzaka and Litewska Streets.

June , 2013|

Society of large families „Lodka” in Lodz

Foundation donated the most needed articles for large families – food (baby milk, cereals, tea, coffee and some sweets), diapers, cleaning materials and products, baby toiletries.

April , 2013|

Support for Association of Large Families in Lodz

On the request of the Association of Large Families in Lodz, Duval Foundation allocated amount of 5 000 PLN for the purchase of the first need products: food (baby milk, cereals, tea, coffee and some sweets), diapers, cleaning materials and products, toiletries. In the picture Malena Kowalska shopping for Association in Lodz. [...]

April , 2013|

Association „Kiwanis” – purchase of materials for the art classes

Duval Foundation purchased materials for the art classes and kid’s jewelery making for “Kiwanis” Association in Warsaw.

March , 2013|

TV-set for Association „jestesmy dla Was” In Kutno

Duval Foundation bought a TV-set for the Orphanage in Kutno.

February , 2013|

Support to Single Mother House in Chyliczki

Duval Foundation has supported the Single Mother Home in Chyliczki. We delivered infant’s and children’s clothes, diapers, baby washing powder and baby toiletries. Donation was handed over in person by Malena Kowalska from Duval Foundation.

February , 2013|

Aladyn’s Medal was awarded to Duval Foundation.

During the Grand Opening of the Rehabilitation Center of befriended “Foundation of Fulfilled Dreams”, Linda Sztyller of Duval Foundation was awarded of Aladyn’s Medal for our engagement, support and for a few years successful cooperation.

February , 2013|

Charity Concert in the Embassy of Finland.

Duval Foundation was honored to participate in the collection of donation during the charity concert organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Finland in Warsaw. Funds collected during the charity lottery were given as donation to Children’s Hospital in Litewska Street in Warsaw

February , 2013|

Secret Santa in the Orphanage in Nienadowa

Santa Claus presents were prepared by Duval Foundation according to personal needs and dreams of every child – clothes, toys, small electronic equipment and games. In February we sent the additional package with toiletries, which were donated again by  the wonderful people from Johnson& Johnson company. [...]

December , 2012|

Purchase of equipment for Children’s Hospital in Kopernika Street in Warsaw.

Duval Foundation has allocated several thousand zlotys for the purchase of small medical equipment and small medical fit out for the two consulting rooms at the Children’s Hospital at Kopernika Street in Warsaw.

December , 2012|

Letters to SantaClause from every ward of the Special School and Care Centre in Zyrardow

Duval Foundation received 180 very personal letters with very individual Christmas present wish.  After over a month of a hard work every request has been completed and every present was wrapped and assigned to each child. All the children were very happy and received the presents of their dreams. Transportation of 180 packages to [...]

December , 2012|